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             (A new Stacey grandson, Johnathan David Stacey with

             grandfather, Dennis Stacey. Johnathan was not quite 3

             months old in this photo.)


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Ralph Worth Stacy by: Martha Stacy

Bullock Family Genealogy, by Barbara B. Elliott & Burr Bullock

Aaron Stacy, Our Rev War Hero, Married Nancy Bullock in Granville

County, NC. Both had lived in St. Marys, MD before traveling south.


                                                               Ballifield  Manor, Handsworth, Sheffield, England Revisited In Moving Pictures

from Video clips by  Richard Bullard, taken during a visit to the Stacy manor house in England.

 (Fast Internet Connection Required. Includes excerpts from'The Annals of Handsworth')

      Photograph Album

Many of the Photographs  have been repaired expertly by Becky Madruga, a Stacy researcher

and expert with photo repair software. In some cases the photograph appears almost new.

      Contributions from Author, Anne W. McAllister, who wrote 'Through Four Generations',

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Two Volumes about Heinrich Weidner and his descendants,

including much information about the Stacy family. 


My Stacy and other Ancestors, privately published about 

Dennis Stacey's ancestors, beginning with Thomas Stacey, b. about 1640 in Colchester, England

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Learn  What the U. S. Government does not want you to know about Extraterrestrials

Sun Activity Research

Creation of Celestial Humans and Celestial Steed

David D. Stacey, Private Researcher, Glen Allen, VA.


The following research involves the top three layers of the Sun, the 3) photosphere, known as the photographic area of the Sun that is a convective layer where creation of celestial humans and steed take place. The next layer outward lies the 2) Chromosphere, a thin layer with abundance that does not interfere with various types of photography or chemical wave measurement. The outer area of the Sun, called the 1) Corona of the Sun is outer destination where celestial humans and celestial steed arrive after flying and riding prominences into for their movement into general space within our Solar system. Many of the celestial entities take residence around our planets, including earth, where they live within the magnetic range of orbit near our planet.

The celestial humans and celestial steed which we view through telescopic means can only be seen by us because they are created as giants, but, the Sun creates many various sizes of the celestial entities from very small, only inches in height to the size of giants.

Because of the Religious Creative connotations of this data it has been censored in America from as early as the 1840's when photography of the Moon was made possible by the invention of the Daguerreotype photographic process.

On July 5, 1885, a spectroheliographic image was taken of the photosphere that demonstrated the best image taken as of that early date. That image was published in 'The Sun,' Kuiper editor, 1953. The image is clear enough where one may easily see the photospheric convection granulation transformation into adult extraterrestrial human entities on the photosphere at a temperature near 6,000K. The estimated time of transformation into human entity was submitted by K O Kiepenheuer, 'The Sun,' Kuiper editor, 1953; at 3 minutes for granule transformation. The human entities were identified as faculae until K O Kiepenheuer, published in his lecture and included the 1923 Greenwich Observers conclusions identifying photospheric faculae as 'entities' and book published photographs, 'The Sun,' G P Kuiper, editor, 1953, and written by the Greenwich Observers.

Reported in 'The Sun,' editor G P Kuiper, 1953, by J L Pawsey that his study between 1945 and 1950 showed radio frequency waves in short intervals coming from the created entities. This is noted in the report by Pawsey and S F Smerd. Their report is titled Chapter 7, Solar Radio Emission. It is easy to speculate theory that the radio frequency waves are a communications internal function.

Identified faculae human entities are always present surrounding spot formations. The spot human entities are in place to effect removal of horses from the spot. The Spot process is akin to the supernatural granulation transformation of faculae humans, but comes from the darker sun spot pool with an average temperatures near 4,000K, assisted for removal by the human entities surrounding the Spot there. As horses, 'The Sun,' Kuiper, editor, 1953, called 'leaders or spectra' are retrieved from the spot pool with the assistance of the faculae human entities, they are quickly matched with an entity rider. In some cases when human entity is matched by horse, a surge prominence or self ability to fly moves them into the lower Corona. Both faculae human entities and horses move into the lower Corona by self flight capability, observance in lower & upper corona and around Planet atmospheres, or by surge prominences; magnetic waves to which they may connect and ride into the Corona.

Loop flares and single flares are generated from the area of the spots and convection surface. General prominence waves are generated from the convection surface, where human entities reside. The creation processes are supernatural and have not been written to equation.

From the Corona, the human entities with or without horse accompaniment move through the Galaxy and Solar System. The human entities are provided, internally, with magnetic electrical resonance abilities that probably produce high or low temperatures (observed photosphere photographic evidence).

Theory indicates the excessive heat found in the Corona may be partially generated by the numerous human entities found there, having arrived by riding a magnetic wave prominence or self flight into the lower Corona. The human entities and horses demonstrate supernatural abilities (cannot be written to equation).

Theory: The human entities have shown an ability to provide a self induced internal light that will project a beam. Then, too, they have shown an ability with groups to form a biological craft for flight. Each individual human entity exerts the ability of flight without craft of any type. In groups the human entities join arms or hands after which they probably exert a magnetic electrical resonance which joins the entities into a biological craft for flight, a supernatural ability demonstrated. (D Stacey, observed in available photographs.)

Found within the atmosphere of Earth, the entity's survive well and may not have a need for solid food sources. (Natural food stuffs unknown in outer space.) The human entities and horses can and have traveled to the Earth's surface and returned to their atmosphere home around Earth, demonstrating a power over Earth's gravity.

Theory: Showing signs of biological internal magnetic/electric resonance allows them to defy Earth's gravitational pull. The propagation/creation of Celestial horses and Celestial Human Entities creation is a clue from where some of the Corona heat is generated. The Human entities show a control of the heat factor on the photosphere. (D Stacey private collection photographs observance).

In a 1953 abstract writing in G P Kuiper’s, The Sun, H C Van de Hulst, physicist wrote about using the term, turbulence on the Sun as describing the movement of the Photospheric Celestial Humans and Horses. Wave turbulence on the Photosphere is not the large wave movement of the Photospheric surface shown in NASA images, but movement of the entities only. But he also wrote about covering up this movement with doppler photometry to blur those images from being easily seen.

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